At DCF Guns we love firearms history, so today we would like to write about 10 firearms that contributed to the history of the United States.

The American Long Rifle

The American Long Rifle was used by Americans to outgun the British in the Revolutionary War. This rifle was light and very precise.

The Spencer Repeating Rifle

This rifle was used on the Civil War and was the first rifle to allow the troops to fire 20 rounds per minute.

The Colt Single-Action Army Revolver

The Colt Single-Action Revolver was designed for the U.S. cavalry. This revolver has a big part in the wild west history and it’s known as the old “six shooters”.

The Winchester Rifle

The Winchester Rifle was one of the first repeating rifles in America and was the favorite rifle of Theodore Roosevelt.

The M1903 Springfield

The M1903 is a bolt-action rifle used during World War I and remained on active service as a sniper rifle until the Vietnam War ended.

The M1911 Pistol

The M1911 is a .45-caliber pistol that was used by the standard issue sidearm for the U.S. military from 1911 to 1985, and it’s still in use by Army special forces and elite units.

The Thompson Submachine Gun 

This gun was used in World War I and it’s considered one of the most recognizable and versatile weapons ever made. The Thompson Submachine Gun shoots 1,500 rounds per minute and it’s compact.

The M1 Garand 

As the first standard issue semi-automatic rifle, this weapon redefined small-arms combat the world over. It had a huge stake in World War II and the Korean War.

The .38 Special Police Revolver

This revolver is double action, meaning it does not have to be cocked so that policemen do not have to pull the hammer back after shooting.

The M16 Rifle

The M16 is currently the standard weapon of choice for the U.S. Army, where it has performed flawlessly through the first Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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