We have all seen how heroes are depicted on the big screens of Hollywood and our household TVs. While they might have a few failed attempts, simply to add to the drama, their final shot always seems to find its target in the perfect location.


Well, I hate to break it to you, but it ain’t that easy. Hollywood has had an obsession with gunplay from the beginning, and video games have also helped in creating the idea that firing a handgun is a simple “turn and shoot.” Today we’re taking the time to offer up a few tips to help you improve your shooting aim instantly.

Beginner Shooters Are Not Alone

Many new gun owners become easily discouraged when visiting the shooting range, as they just can’t seem to hit the target in the desired location. While one out of ten shots might connect, are you honestly going to rely on that ratio when it comes to real life situations? Chances are that you feel like each of your attempts were exactly the same, with slightly different results.

You’ll need to stop this pattern of thinking. Given the fact that so many different things are required for a successful shot, without being able to focus on each of them, you will most likely never identify where your weak points are when firing.

Here at Douglas County Firearms, we have seen many beginners walk through the doors of our firing range with this exact issue. Today we will point out a few of the most common tips and suggestions that we use when helping get someone’s bullet on target. We start this week by looking at the advantages of “dry firing” your weapon on the range. This simple and cheap method might seem to easy to actually have a real effect, but trust us on this one.

Improve Your Handgun Aim Today

Ammunition can get expensive if you plan to spend long hours in the firing range ironing out your mistakes, but there are many things that can actually be learned from dry firing a weapon. When firing live rounds, the gun recoils after you have pulled the trigger, so the user naturally assumes that this “kick” moves their gun off target somewhat after the shot has been taken.

Dry firing allows the user to actually see if the gun moves when pulling the trigger. The tightening of the muscles needed to pull the trigger can often times cause the gun to slightly move up, down or to the side, and only by removing the recoil factor can we see this. The flash and crack of the gun are also very distracting, and it doesn’t matter how much experience you have with handguns, you are going to blink and possibly flinch. This makes it nearly impossible to realize and notice any slight movements that have taken place.

Dry fire your weapon a few times each session to understand just how steady your hand actually is, and spend time trying to limit any movement caused by this action. Some trainers even suggest using laser sight with this practice, as it gives you a true visualization of just how far off your aim might become in the act of firing.

Visit the Firing Range Today

For years, DCF Guns has been the gun and ammunition center for Castle Rock, Colorado residents, as Douglas County is just a short drive from the city limits. We suggest that you make the short trip today and schedule a training session with one of our firing instructors today.