Long Range Marksmanship

A two-day course with an overnight stay on the weekends. This course teaches the practical application/employment of rifles that can reach over 800 yds. Rifles may be bolt-action, or semi-auto. Students are required to show up with a zeroed optic and provide proof of being able to group rounds. A progressive training outline is followed that supports the “train the trainer” approach.

Training starts with rifle setup, ballistics, common equipment used, and confirmation of zeroes. Primary targets will be steel and distances will increase incrementally. Students will be paired up into teams building a solid relationship between shooters and spotters. Each session will start off with a “cold bore” challenge to verify the point of aim (POA) versus point of impact (POI). The priorities of training are safety first, then accuracy. This course is two 8-hour sessions that take place on the weekends and requires 200 rounds.

Equipment needed will be; rifle, optic, sling, bipod, hearing protection, warm/dry clothes, and notebook. Additional equipment that is highly recommended; Laser Range Finder (LRF), Kestrel weather meter, a spotting scope with tripod, shooter’s mat, multi-tool, and headlamp.