The firing range is the perfect place to hone your skills, test a new weapon or blow off some steam, but given your proximity to live rounds being fired, there are set of rules & regulations of our Firing Range that you should know.

We have discussed the responsibilities involved in owning a firearm before, and while all of these rules apply in all situations, today we will go a bit deeper into the etiquette you are expected to practice when on the DCF Guns Firing Range.

Firing Range Etiquette

  • Follow and practice the Four Rules of Gun Safety:
    -The gun is always loaded
    -Never point your gun at something you don’t intend to shoot
    -Be sure of your target and what is behind it
    -Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are set
  • Follow the Range Officers instructions at all times. Almost every firing range has an officer on duty to instruct you when it is ok to fire and when to put down your weapons. It is his or her job to ensure the safety of all those firing their weapons.
  • Do not touch your weapon when a cease-fire has been called. When a cease-fire is called, it usually means that targets are being retrieved, changed or checked. This could also mean that there is someone on the range and potentially between you and your target.
  • Do not distract active shooters. Do not try to get the attention of someone in the act of firing their handgun, as it increases the risk of a misfire. However, if you do see that they are putting themselves or anyone in immediate danger, try to alert them. This is the only exception to that rule.
  • Use only weapons that comply with the range rules. Make sure that the firing range you attend is suited to handle the kind of ammunition that you are using.
  • Do not act like a coach or attempt to correct others. Again, only interfere with a shooter if they are creating a threat to the wellbeing of other in the area.
  • Do not hover near or around others. Doing so is both a distraction and annoying to those in the act of firing. Again, distractions can lead to accidents.
  • Don’t handle someone’s firearm without permission. No matter how nice or rare someone’s weapon might be, never pick it up without permission. While most people will be happy to let you look at and hold their weapon, always ask before doing so.
  • Only shoot one firearm at a time. Do not bring in an arsenal of weapons with you to the range. Despite what you may think, you are not impressing others and if anything, you are once again causing a distraction. Only have one firearm with you on the firing range at one time. If you plan to change guns throughout your training session, do so outside.
  • Clean up after yourself. No one wants to shoot in a messy area, so do your part and be sure to pick up any shells, casings and ammunition boxes that you might leave behind. Have respect for the range and others.

Join Your DCF’s Indoor Shooting Range Today

They say “Practice makes perfect” and that expression should also apply to gun ownership. Call your local firing range today to see what kind of memberships they have on offer. Denver gun owners will be glad to know that we offer multiple firing range membership options here at DCF that can fit any budget. Figure out which one is right for you and start practicing your new firing range etiquette today!