Summer is here! So it is time to start putting the cold and wet days behind to start taking out your favorite outdoor clothes and prepare yourself for great adventures and firearm action.

Know What You’re Getting Dad for Father’s Day?

Yes, with all that just around the corner, you’ll be happy to know that, right here in Douglas County we have all the firearms, accessories and services to help you think of an awesome gift for your father and everyone else’s father…  or that special daddy in your life that you want to get something super special for!

We have a constant supply of the latest and greatest offerings from all of the major firearms manufacturers and some lesser known brands, and if you are not able to find what you’re looking for, we can request a special order and most of the time have it ready in one week. With that being said you have plenty of time to visit our firearm store in Castle Rock and buy the perfect gift for your father this summer at our gun shop.

DCF Guns: Quality Guns And Gun Training In Castle Rock, Colorado for Everyones’ Fathers!

We offer the best courses for people of all ages, and we have the best professional instructors to guarantee the highest quality of our training. We offer the following training: concealed carry, handgun, tactical, self-defense, women-only, and many others.

Our goal is to educate every member of the community on the safe and secure methods of carrying a concealed firearm in Colorado and/or the handling of a firearm in Colorado, for personal protection or hunting purposes.

We provide a broad range of handguns, tactical shotguns, and rifles. We cater to gun enthusiasts and individuals seeking home protection and/or self-defense. We also provide various safety and tactical training courses, from beginners to advanced.

We are located in 1155 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado. Visit our store today or call us at (720) 515-2006.