DCF Guns takes pride in not only providing Davidson County and the Denver, Colorado area with the finest selection of handguns and rifles but also in their ability to inform and train customers to use their weapons responsibly. We recently took the time to discuss how dry firing your handgun is one of the most effective ways to improve your aim, but now that this has become part of your routine, we have a few more pointers that are sure to help you find your target.

Train Your Trigger Finger

Dry firing and using a laser sight are great ways to help you isolate any movement caused when pulling the trigger, but many beginners like to believe that the slight change in aim is caused by an unsteady hand or arm. While this is worth exploring and working on,

It is called “pulling the trigger” for a reason, as the most effective way to maintain a steady aim is to pull the trigger directly back. While you might believe that this is exactly what you are doing, chances are that you are somehow pushing or pulling the trigger to the side somewhat. This slight movement actually is causing your aim to shift, and this movement takes you further off the target the farther away you get.

To fix this, let’s start with your index finger. Where is it placed on the trigger? Are you using just the tip of your finger, or are you putting your entire finger through the space causing the trigger to fall in one of your joints? Ideally, you will use the tip of your finger to perform this motion, as in reality, you should attempt to press the trigger rather than pull it. Keep this principle in your mind the next time you head to the firing range and attempt to make this part of your normal firing motion.

To comply with restrictions and avoid legal problems, many handguns come set up with trigger pulls that require you to use a bit of force when firing. We offer a large selection of aftermarket products here at DCF Guns, and you can actually replace your trigger with a customizable replacement that will require less force to push.

Hit the Firing Range Today

If you haven´t already joined, check out one of the many firing range membership options on offer here at DCF Guns and start working on that trigger finger today. Shooting relies heavily on muscle memory, and only by focusing on small details and performing them repeatedly will you be able to make the action second nature. Give us a call, and come work on improving your aim today.