Summertime is here once again, and while this time of the year might represent many things for many people, to the Colorado hunting community, it means it is time to be patient. Regulated by state laws, Colorado’s hunting seasons tend to take place in the fall and winter months, oftentimes to avoid disrupting the birth cycles of most big game species.

We at DCF Guns know and understand just how hard it can be trying to wait for the next chance to get back in the field, but we have come up with a few ways to hone your skills while getting your hunting fix at the same time this summer.

Improve Your Aim

Hunters will argue on just about anything. From the best kind of ammunition to the most difficult type of game to track and bring down, everyone’s opinion varies, and they likely have a story to back it up. One thing all Colorado hunters can agree on, however, is that DCF Guns has the top firing range near Denver. Located just outside of the big city, we have created a gun owners sanctuary of sorts. Not only do we rent firearms, but we also offer extensive training in a number of areas. Our indoor range also allows you to hone your skills without having to deal with the summer heat.

Study Your Craft

It doesn’t matter how well your aim is, you have to be able to track down your prey. Hunting is a sport that requires participants to rely on a number of skills, and while some can be practiced on the firing range, others can only be fine-tuned with experience and knowledge.

Study the animals you intend to hunt. What are their habits and where are they most likely to practice them? Pull out maps of local hunting reserves to determine which areas are best suited to tracking your intended target. Will you be sitting and waiting for your target to come to you, or will you stalk your prey until the perfect opportunity presents itself? Answer these questions so that when it comes time to apply certain skills in the field you are already aware of your best vantage points as well as where you need to be when staying downwind from the animal.

Go Shopping for Hunting Gear

What better time to pick up on last year’s gear at a great price? Summer is one of the best times to hit up your local hunting supply shops to grab some new gear, and stores are likely preparing to replace most of their stock with this year’s top models, giving you the chance to grab essentially the same product at a great price.

We all have that friend who must have the latest equipment every year. While his hunting skills may be lacking, he will always have a new weapon under his arm and a new camo top to show off to his companions. With so many people picking up a new weapon for the upcoming season, the used gun market can often times become saturated. While this is not ideal for those looking to push the products, it can mean great savings for you.

We have discussed how to determine if a used handgun is right for you, and should this option be one you are looking to explore, we do offer a large selection of used weapons for you to choose from.

Give us a call today and join one of our many firing range membership plans. Just because the hunting season is closed doesn’t mean that you cant improve your marksmanship skill.