Purchasing a handgun for personal protection is something that needs to be done carefully. When you carry a handgun you also acquire a big responsibility, so you need to be sure it is going to achieve its purpose -to protect you in a dangerous situation. Here are four tips to help you choose the best handgun for protection:

Professional Assistance

It is recommended that you do a little research before purchasing your handgun. Also, it is very important to purchase your handgun in a place where you can receive professional advice. At DCF Guns all of our sales staff is highly professional and has the knowledge required to sell firearms in Castle Rock.


When you are on a life or death situation it is extremely important that you firearm functions. A concealed carry firearm must be reliable.


If you are buying a firearm for protection purposes, avoid choosing one that is too heavy, has sharp edges or takes up too much space. Remember that you need to carry your handgun and you need it to be as comfortable as possible.


When you find yourself in a dangerous situation and you need to protect your life, everything happens very fast. This is why a concealed carry handgun needs to be easy to bring into action and should not require a lot of mechanical manipulation.

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