Cleaning a firearm is very important to guarantee its correct functioning when needed. However, it is very important to follow certain guidelines to assure a safe gun cleaning process. No one wants to have an accident when handling a firearm, so here are six tips every gun owner ought to know about cleaning their guns:

1. Cleaning Products: Make sure to use the right cleaning products and formulas for cleaning your gun. Use only certified firearm cleaning brands.

2. Take Your Time: When it is time to clean your gun make sure that you have enough time to do so, always take in consideration that a firearm is not a toy and it could save your life on an unexpected situation. If you clean your gun in a rush it is possible that you won’t do it right.

3. Ammunition: It is extremely important to make sure your gun is unloaded to avoid accidents. Gun accidents of people shooting their gun even when they thought the gun was unloaded are more common than you can imagine, always double check if your gun is empty even if it seems obvious.

4.  Eye Protection: The gun cleaning products have chemicals that could splash into your eye. Always use eye protection when cleaning your gun.

5. Read The Manual: Make sure that you know 100% how to disassemble your firearm. The last thing you want to do is break something on it.

6. Test Your Gun When You Are Done: After you are done cleaning make sure it works. With the gun empty, pull the trigger to see if it properly “fires.”

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