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DCF Memberships

DCF Guns offers a variety of memberships starting as low as $40 per month.

Our standout membership packages include gunsmithing, free classes, and gun cleaning services, plus discounts on firearms, ammunition, suppressors and more.

Contact DCF Guns and find the right membership for you.

DCF Training

We are not dogmatic technique, caliber nor pistol-type snobs; we believe that your mental navigation of the event is just as important as shot placement and we understand that everyone’s body is different and there is no one-size-fits-all in shooting technique.

We’re here to partner with you on your journey into firearms and preparedness training to make the path as safe, comfortable and smooth as possible

DCF Gunsmiths

DCF Master Gunsmiths Build, Preserve, Restore and Modify all Guns with Care


  • Hunting Rifles and Pistols
  • Defensive Rifles and Pistols
  • Gun Cleaning
  • Gun Restoration and Preservation

DCF Cerakote Services

DCF cerakotes thousands of guns for discerning and demanding buyers.

DCF will work with you to create your unique, long-lasting, gun preserving, and eye cathing design.

DCF Range

Range Hours

Open to the public every day 10am to 7pm.

Range Reservations

DCF members may reserve lanes online.

Range Gun Rentals/Packages

DCF offers pistol, rifle, and Class III machine gun rentals at the range. Members rent all guns free.

DCF Events

Make DCF Guns your go-to gun range by coming to any of our shooting events. Hone your shooting skills and get to know other shooters in Colorado at our fun and skill-improving events like IDPA, Ladies’ Night, Concealed Carry and much more.

DCF Guns is Castle Rock’s premier indoor gun range that’s always ready to assist shooters in performance improvement and keeping you supplied with quality firearms and ammunition.

DCF Shop

DCF Guns has a constant supply of the latest and greatest offerings from all of the major firearms manufacturers and some lesser known brands.

We offer you thousands of guns you’ll find them in our racks or in cases.

If it’s not in stock we can get it.

New Firearms
Used Firearms

First Responder Firearms

DCF Guns knows the importance of a well-armed first responder…

DCF Articles

Improve Your Aim Starting With Your Trigger Finger

Improve Your Aim Starting With Your Trigger Finger

DCF Guns takes pride in not only providing Davidson County and the Denver, Colorado area with the finest selection of handguns and rifles, but also in their ability to inform and train customers to use their weapons responsibly. We recently took the time to discuss...

Personalize Your Handgun With a Custom Grip

Personalize Your Handgun With a Custom Grip

People decide to buy handguns for a variety of reasons, but regardless of your intentions, it is always important to select one that feels comfortable in your hands. With that being said, there are a handful of manufacturers that specialize in creating products to aid...

We Offer The Best Shooting Range Gun Rentals Program in Colorado!

We Offer The Best Shooting Range Gun Rentals Program in Colorado!

There are many reasons why our customers choose to buy a firearm from our gun shop in Castle Rock. Some rent it first to see if it's the best fits their needs before making the decision to buy it, others like to practice shooting with different types of guns; but the...

Handgun Dry Fire Training

Handgun Dry Fire Training

Improve Your Aim By Dry Firing Your Handgun We have all seen how heroes are depicted on the big screens of Hollywood and our household TVs. While they might have a few failed attempts, simply to add to the drama, their final shot always seems to find its target in the...

Visiting the Shooting Range Will Make You a Better Shot

Visiting the Shooting Range Will Make You a Better Shot

Importance of Putting Time in at the Shooting Range "As a new gun owner, how important is it that I visit the firing range?" We get this question all the time here at DCF Guns, and we wanted to take the time to explain all of the advantages and benefits associated...