Red Dot Optics Instructors Course


New technology has made advancement in optics and electronics. This has led to the popularity of Red Dot Optics in the military, law enforcement, and competition. The Red Dot Optics sighting system is one of the most effective tools available due to the sight being super imposed on the target while the target is in full focus of the shooter. Like everything else new to the shooter, Red Dot optics require some training but not as much as Iron sights on the initial training. Faster and more accurate shots are recorded using Red Dot sights as compared to Iron sights with both rifle and pistol.

This course is designed to improve a firearms instructor’s ability to coach new and veteran shooters in the implementation and use of a Red Dot Sight on a pistol. This course teaches effective operation of a Red Dot equipped handgun. Students will learn techniques for drawing, indexing, zeroing, fixing malfunctions and maintenance of the Red Dot