Shooting a firearm is more than just pulling the trigger! If you want to hit the target with accuracy, it takes practice and technique. Here are some useful tips to help you improve your shooting skills and to make a good shot:

1) Body Position

Having the correct position when shooting a firearm is very important to improving your recoil control and consistency. Your balance should be settled and your nose over your toes. Just a slight forward extension of your head and shoulders will forward load your balance, this will help with recoil acceptance and consistent shot-to-shot alignment.

2) Arm/Hand Position

The arm positioning when holding a firearm should be as fully extended as is comfortably capable. Your arms should have some firm positive tension in them to encourage the pistol to return to the same place after each shot. Hands should be high on the pistol to reduce torque from recoil and pressed into the sides of the grip to increase friction and promote consistent recoil recovery.

3) Leg And Foot Positioning

Feet should be about shoulder width apart. Stand with good posture, comfortably. As you angle your shoulders and head forward (nose over your toes) you can bend slightly at the knees if it’s comfortable to do so. Weight should be on the balls of your feet.

4) Balance

Being able to balance your weight while shooting will improve significantly the accuracy of the shot. The shooter weight needs to have a forward bias to counteract the recoil of the firearm. The gun should never push you back so much that you become off-balance.

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