The Training Lab is our premiere Training Simulator that ensures the best trainee experience possible. Departments looking for a high-quality, full-function Training Simulator choose The Training Lab for its high level of system flexibility and range
of use. It is the industry-leading simulation technology in the world of firearms training.

A wide range of force options from TASER™ to Baton to commonly-used firearms are
at your disposal. The system offers low-light simulation and up to 18 participants.
In terms of content, the interactive software comes preloaded with 500+ scenarios, along with the ability to customize the scenarios to your specifications. And that’s not all, you have the ability to load scenarios of your own creation!

From top to bottom, THE TRAINING LAB is the entire package. It’s the go-anywhere-you-want Simulator complete with everything your department needs to conduct quality Use of Force training for your personnel.