Meet The Team

Matt Gardea –

Bubz Abran –

  • Position: Gunsmith/Instructor
  • Firearms Experience: Hunter/Instructor/IDPA Range Safety Officer
  • Favorite Firearm: John Moses Browning’s 1911
  • About You: Papered Gunsmith and Father
  • Why DCF: The reason to Choose DCF is that we are all about Safety and Education, everything else is secondary.
Patch Adams –

  • Position: Trainer
  • Firearms Experience: Joyful
  • Favorite Firearm: Glock 19
  • About You: It’s not about me
  • Why DCF: America
Adam Rose –

  • Position: Manager on Duty (MOD), Sales & Used gun buyer
  • Firearms experience: CHP & RSO
  • Favorite Firearm: HK USP 9 Expert
  • About you: 6’ 330lb pure Colorado love machine. I used to be a full time Master Diesel Technician and left to pursue my passion of working with firearms.
  • Random fact: I used to wrestle in High School, and I am still a huge fan!
  • Why DCF: I chose to work at DCF because of their philosophy in education and the welcoming environment they provide to their customers.
Tim Sorensen –

  • Position: Manager on Duty (MOD), Sales & Voice of reason
  • Firearms experience: Self-educated through reading, watching & researching
  • Favorite Firearm: AK47 VZ 58
  • About you: Colorado native that loves history, firearms and the Bible. I used to be big into knives and now enjoy studying the history of firearms.
  • Random fact: The first gun I even played with was made of Lego’s
  • Why DCF: I chose to work at DCF so that I could get hands-on experience rather than just read about the firearms that interested me.
Sean Dolan –

  • Position: Sales, Range Sensei, Photography Caesar & Social Media Producer
  • Firearms experience: 10yrs shooting experience, US Army Airborne School, US Army Artillery School of Forward Observers & US Army School of Psychological Operations
  • Favorite Firearm: M1 Garand (PING)
  • About you: Colorado native, God-fearing, meat-eating, freedom-loving patriot
  • Random fact: I have zero hair anywhere!
  • Why DCF: I chose to work at DCF because they are the best in Colorado.
Hunter Park –
Keegan Smith –

  • Position: Sales
  • Firearms Experience: I have been shooting since I was little. I have taken all of the classes offered here at DCF while I was a member before I worked here.
  • Favorite Firearm: HK USP Expert
  • About you: I was born here in Colorado and spent time all over the state, not really sure what else to say other than if you wanna know something just ask.
  • Random fact: I spent a week sleeping in a parking garage.
  • Why DCF: I chose DCF because I have loved the shop since the first time i walked into it years ago, but what got me to stay was the focus on safety and education. I am excited to be a part of the DCF team.
Heather Thompson –

  • Position: Gunsmith