At DCF Guns we have the best promotions, products and services available for your needs, with the best quality and highly professional staff to guarantee the correct use of guns.

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We offer the best gun courses at our Training & Education Department, with highly qualified instructors and with the best price and deals for you.

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In Castle Rock, DCF Guns offers you training on: Concealed Carry, Handgun, Tactical, Self Defense, Women, Miscellaneous.

For all the ladies we have our Ladies Nights on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm, with great training and courses especially for ladies. Take advantage of this stress free event, there’s no need for previous registration, just show up and join the fun, our professional instructors are waiting for you!


FNX-45 TacticalGun Of The Month

fnhThis month we have the FNS and FNX 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP with great discounts. We also have a limited stock of FNX-45 Tactical at the special price of $1069.95
The FNH sale will continue through the end of the month and is limited to stock on hand. Don’t let this opportunity pass by, visit our store today and get your FNHUSA guns in Colorado at the best price.

When Talking About Guns in Colorado We Are Simply The Best

We provide a broad range of Handguns, Tactical Shotguns and Rifles. We cater to gun enthusiasts and individuals seeking home protection and/or self defense. We also provide various safety and tactical training courses, from beginners to advance.


Our goal is to educate every member of the community on the safe and secure methods of carrying a concealed firearm and/or the handling of a firearm, for personal protection or hunting.

We are located in 1155 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado. Visit our store today or call us at (720) 515-2006.