With Colorado’s 15rd+ Magazine transfer ban in full swing, our Gunsmithing Department is working over time to design ways that will limit standard capacity magazines, safely, legally, and without compromising the proper function and maintenance of the magazine. As most of you know, a good portion of the most entertaining and accurate firearms come with magazines that hold more than 15rounds. HB13-1224 denies your ability to take these magazines with you after purchase of the firearm(s) creating, “a single-shot paper weight”, as many people say. The bill is rendering your firearm essentially non-functional to anyone’s standards. We at Douglas County Firearms will not sell non-functional firearms, this is why we are working to limit those magazine so they comply with HB13-1224, intern providing a legal means transfer of the magazines from us to our customers.

As a result of HB13-1224, we will not, under any circumstances, transfer ownership of a magazine that has not been modified, improperly modified, or is otherwise capable of holding more than 15rounds.