Another great year is about to end and the holiday season is here! All of us here at Douglas County Firearms would like to say thank you to all of our customers for choosing us and for helping us be the company that we are today! If it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t be the best firearm company in all Colorado. Being conscious of that, we are committed to giving you 100% percent every single day with every single customer that visits our store. We want to keep providing the high standard quality service and products that you deserve.

On behalf of our team, we would like to send our best wishes. Enjoy this great season with your family and friends.

When Talking About Firearms, We Are Simply The Best

We have some great features! Membership benefits, helpful and instructional training classes and the widest selection of firearms from all the major manufacturers. We provide a broad range of handguns, tactical shotguns, and rifles. We cater to gun enthusiasts and individuals seeking home protection and/or self-defense. We also provide various safety and tactical training courses, from beginners to advanced.

Our goal is to educate every member of the community on the safe and secure methods of carrying a concealed firearm and/or the handling of a firearm, for personal protection or hunting.

We are located at 1155 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado. Visit our store today or call us at (720) 515-2006 and we will be more than glad to assist you and show you why we have the best firearms and customer service in Colorado.