Managing recoil on a firearm can get tricky sometimes, especially if you need to act fast and don’t have time between shots. The truth is that when you need to protect your life and take action, time is a matter of life and death.

Erin Trimble, which is the director of our Training and Education Department and Lead Instructor at DCF Guns, brings us this great video that shows us a couple different techniques for managing recoil in a pistol and get more consistency out of your shots. The first technique is about a half and half pull, but that only works once in a while and especially if you have time. The second and more efficient technique is about placing both arms comfortably in front of your body with your body leaning into the gun a little bit. This technique allows you to make a faster shot without needing to fight the gun back to it’s starting position. Watch the video below:

Erin Trimble has developed an innovative course catalog which provides instruction in a broad spectrum of areas including handgun, self-defense, tactical to name a few; contributing to improving our highly-professional Training and Education Department.

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